Olmstead is a vibrant spot for all things brunch and cocktails. Located in the bustling Capital Hill, you might miss it if you’re walking too fast. This spot has some very instagrammable vibes between the beautiful colors and decor to the artfully prepared dishes and drinks. During the weekends they have a delectable brunch sceneContinue reading “Olmstead”

Can Bar

I have been to Can Bar countless times, yet this is the only picture I have taken… perhaps it’s because the food and drinks are too irresistible that I can’t wait. Or perhaps it’s because some nights I just want to live in the moment and forget about my “phone eats first phrase” and enjoyContinue reading “Can Bar”


Tapster is a fairly new addition to the Seattle bar scene. It is a self serve bar located in South Lake Union. Although it is self-serve, it’s not a free for all and there are still rules in place to make sure you’re safe! You start by showing the staff your ID and giving themContinue reading “Tapster”

Reckless Noodles

Reckless Noodles is the latest trendy restaurant – well its probably been trendy for a minute, but I am behind the times, so I just checked it out. They offer Happy Hour specials from 4-5pm daily and have some GREAT deals during this time! But one thing to note before we go any further, theyContinue reading “Reckless Noodles”

Tra Tea

By now, I think y’all all know my love of bubble tea and milk tea! I am always in search of new, cute, tasty places to grab a cold cup of my addiction. Tra Tea is located in Bellevue, which are not my normal foodies stomping grounds, I do make the occasional trip there toContinue reading “Tra Tea”

Fog Room

Fog Room is located high above the streets of Seattle on the 16th Floor of the Charter Hotel. If you aren’t keen on heights, this might not be the spot for you. But if you’re looking for some gorgeous views of Seattle and some tasty cocktails then you need to check it out! The FogContinue reading “Fog Room”

The Nest

The Nest is a rooftop bar in downtown Seattle overlooking the beautiful water front. You’ve got gorgeous views of the water and the mountains and you can watch the ferries come and go. They are currently offer a pop-up dinner service that you do not want to miss out on, but it won’t last longContinue reading “The Nest”


Roquette is a cocktail bar located in Belltown. It is small, cozy and intimate which makes it perfect for a date night or deep conversations with friends or even just a night out on the town! They only have a limited number of seating and tables so it is best to make a reservation toContinue reading “Roquette”