Monsoon, the restaurant not the weather – is a wonderful dining experience in Bellevue! It is owned by the same group that owns Ba Bar and is really just the upscale cousin. If you have been to Ba Bar, then you know that the food is epic! Ba Bar is more the street food version,Continue reading “Monsoon”


Seattle is known for fresh fish and there are so many delicious spots to get fish and sushi! I am always on the lookout for delicious sushi spots since it is one of my favorite foods and recently stumbled upon Momiji. It is a small spot located in SLU, and even though they are small,Continue reading “Momiji”

A Day in Pike Place

Even if you have never been to Seattle, chances are you have heard of Pike Place. It is a huge market featuring local vendors with fresh produce, fish and so much more. It is also a foodies heaven. There are so many spots to grab food and drinks from while you wander around the market.Continue reading “A Day in Pike Place”

Chuck’s Donuts

Chuck’s Donuts is a Seattle legend – okay well it is technically in Renton, but who cares. If you are like me and have been living under a rock, then WAKE UP. My friend kept telling me about this donut place and I kind of brushed it off because I was like they just haveContinue reading “Chuck’s Donuts”

A Weekend in Seattle – A Food Guide

So you only have a weekend in Seattle? Well I have you covered on all the must try spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you only have 48 hours to spend in the city! There are so many wonderful places to eat and drink that it can be a lot to take in andContinue reading “A Weekend in Seattle – A Food Guide”

Top 10 Seattle Spots to Try

If you find yourself in Seattle and overwhelmed with the plethora of options, then this guide is for you! These are some of my favorite spots that should NOT be missed. I have eaten my way through Seattle for the last 7 years and have found some of the most delicious dishes and restaurants itContinue reading “Top 10 Seattle Spots to Try”


Picture this. You are walking down the red brick sidewalk in Pike Place, enjoying the sights, crowds, and sounds when something wonderful fills the air and hits your nose. Your eyes lock on a large vat of cheese curds being turned by dutiful employees donned in full gear. You’re then met with a line (dependingContinue reading “Beecher’s”


Oh Poquitos – many a margarita and guacamole have been consumed here. This was one of the first restaurants I found when I moved to Seattle and their food and strong drinks kept me going back time and time again. In my early Seattle days, I definitely did not catalog my restaurant visits and IContinue reading “Poquitos”

Matcha Magic

Matcha Magic is exactly what it sounds like – a magical place for all your matcha needs. It is the first Matcha cafe in Bellevue, WA and I am so here for it. They are still in their soft opening phase, but based on the hype, they are going to be the new hot spot!Continue reading “Matcha Magic”