Olmstead is a vibrant spot for all things brunch and cocktails. Located in the bustling Capital Hill, you might miss it if you’re walking too fast. This spot has some very instagrammable vibes between the beautiful colors and decor to the artfully prepared dishes and drinks. During the weekends they have a delectable brunch scene and during the week you will find a fun lunch scene along with an upscale happy hour and evening offerings.

I grabbed my friend for a Sunday brunch to check this place out. They open at 10am and met there at 10:30am, surprisingly we did not have to wait and were seated right away. This spot started to pick up and get more crowded around 11am, so if you get there around opening times you likely won’t have to wait. For brunch they only offer cold brew or black coffee – no espresso machine for lattes or cappuccinos, which was a bit of a disappointment. They do offer a number of brunch cocktails including mimosas and micheladas so they definitely have your brunch boozy needs covered. Their online menu is slightly different from the QR menu they have available and neither of the dishes we ordered were on the regular online menu on their website; not sure if they update their menu frequently but it may just be outdated online so keep that in mind when you are looking! I ordered the Shakshuka which comes with two over-easy eggs in a savory tomato sauce with onions and peppers and is served with warm bread on the side for dunking! My friend ordered their bagel sandwich which was piled high with pastrami style bacon, over easy egg and sauerkraut served with a side salad. Now, my dish was delicious but I would be lying if I wasn’t jealous of what my friend ordered. Honestly her’s looked incredible – she absolutely loved it. Go with the shakshuka if you want something safe and tasty but grab their bagel sandwich if you want to live a little more.

For their menu (although possibly outdated, but will give you a general idea) click here.

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