Roquette is a cocktail bar located in Belltown. It is small, cozy and intimate which makes it perfect for a date night or deep conversations with friends or even just a night out on the town! They only have a limited number of seating and tables so it is best to make a reservation to ensure you won’t get turned away because trust me, you definitely want to try their drinks! The bar is stocked with a ton of alcohol and the bartenders are very knowledgable so if you don’t find something on the menu, just ask and they might be able to whip up something special for ya!

This place gives me total speakeasy meets Parisian bar vibes that I am totally in to. They serve classic cocktails along with some fun, unique drinks. We tried their Passion Tax ($16), Tai Du Tai ($15), and Normandy Old-Fashioned ($18). Their Passion Tax is made with mezcal, Campari, passionfruit, cinnamon, lime, and egg white. It has a smoky flavor that is not overly sweet. If you have never tried a drink with an egg white I recommend this one because it was actually delicious – I don’t think this would be my absolute go-to if I was having a few, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Tai Du Tai is reminiscent of a Mai Tai. It is made with rum, cognac, lime, pineapple, and orgeat. Definitely has a sweeter flavor that gives you the feeling you are on a tropical beach somewhere far away from rainy Seattle. This one was my favorite by far! Lastly, the Normandy Old-Fashioned is made with bourbon, brandy, and bitters – very classic! Although this place had a great vibe and tasty drinks, it was on the more expensive side. It is great for maybe a drink or two before dinner or for a night cap, but if you’re wanting to drink a bit more I would go somewhere cheaper. We had a few rounds and it was well over $100 for our table. Again, great cocktails and fun place and I will definitely be going back but sip them slow and enjoy them!

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