Tapster is a fairly new addition to the Seattle bar scene. It is a self serve bar located in South Lake Union. Although it is self-serve, it’s not a free for all and there are still rules in place to make sure you’re safe! You start by showing the staff your ID and giving them a credit card to put on file. In return they give you this cool card that you will use – it will track how much you’ve spent! Now it’s time to grab a class and a cold one. Tapster offers beer, cider, wine and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy. The cool think about this place is the prices are per ounce. So if you want to try a few different drinks you can without having to commit to a full glass! They do rotate their drinks frequently so for a full list of what is on top, check here. Now back to the drink choosing. Once you grab a glass and have made your choice, you slide the card in to a little holder right above the spouts (this will track what you’ve purchased) then you pull down and fill your cup as full as you want, remove your card, and enjoy your drink! Before you select your drink, you can also see how much it costs per ounce – all the drinks show $/oz which is pretty cool. Another cool feature, while you’re pouring it will show you a glass of beer and the more you drink, the emptier the glass gets – I took this to be a safety precaution. When the glass is empty you are required to check in with the staff – it doesn’t mean you cannot drink more, I think they just want to make sure you are still coherent. Anyways, it is a great place to grab drinks with friends and try a bunch of different ones. They also have a huge patio, which is perfect for the weather we are having in Seattle!

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