Palo Santo

I have been to Palo Santo a few times, but it was before the days of my blogging, so on my recent trip to OKC I stumbled in there on a Tiki Themed night, but only managed to get this single picture. They are located in the downtown farmer’s market district next to The LoadedContinue reading “Palo Santo”

Stem Cider

Not a beer fan? Stem has you covered – no beer here, cider only! This is a cider lovers paradise with so many different flavor offerings and you can even do samplers if you can’t decide. This cider heaven is located in the RiNo (River North) district of Denver tucked away from the street. TheyContinue reading “Stem Cider”

Can Bar

I have been to Can Bar countless times, yet this is the only picture I have taken… perhaps it’s because the food and drinks are too irresistible that I can’t wait. Or perhaps it’s because some nights I just want to live in the moment and forget about my “phone eats first phrase” and enjoyContinue reading “Can Bar”


Tapster is a fairly new addition to the Seattle bar scene. It is a self serve bar located in South Lake Union. Although it is self-serve, it’s not a free for all and there are still rules in place to make sure you’re safe! You start by showing the staff your ID and giving themContinue reading “Tapster”