Reckless Noodles

Reckless Noodles is the latest trendy restaurant – well its probably been trendy for a minute, but I am behind the times, so I just checked it out. They offer Happy Hour specials from 4-5pm daily and have some GREAT deals during this time! But one thing to note before we go any further, they currently do not take reservations so its first come first serve, however, they do have a waitlist online that you can join and it will give you anapproximate time for your table! Before you head out, make sure to get added to the waitlist and check the time – I promise you though the wait is WELL worth it! If you get there right when they open (or even a few minutes before to be extra prepared) there is a good chance you can get seated right away. It is a pretty small restaurant so they only have about 10 tables. They also do ask that you stick to the 60-90 minute limit, but they are super speedy with getting your drinks and food to you!

Now to what you are really here for – the food! Like I mentioned above, they have an incredible HH which is what we went for. We ordered a number of their small plates, – Bao, Mu Xu Roast Crispy Duck Rolls, Payapa Salad, Carmelized Pork Fresh Roll, and Shanghai Spicy Wontons. My top 3 dishes were the Wontons, Bao, and Crispy Duck Rolls. The Bao are filled with jidori chicken and mushrooms, then served with a coconut curry and kaffir lime leaf – its super delicious and a unique take on a traditional Chinese Bao that incorporates Indian flavors. Dumplings are one of my favorite food groups and their ShangHai Spicy Wontons deserve a medal – they could have broughten me a bucket of these and I would have been so satisfied. The dumplings are filled with snow crab, rockshrimp, and pork and served with a spicy chili oil and balsamic reduction. Super interesting flavor combination with the balsamic, but it cuts the heat and adds a depth of acid that works great! If you’re looking for lighter dishes, opt for the carmelized pork spring rolls and payapa salad – both were light, tasty, and refreshing! Don’t get me wrong, they were incredible as well, just not as incredible as the other things we ordered! There are so many more dishes on the menu I cannot wait to try – we barely made it through the appetizer section, so we must go back!

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