The Nest

The Nest is a rooftop bar in downtown Seattle overlooking the beautiful water front. You’ve got gorgeous views of the water and the mountains and you can watch the ferries come and go. They are currently offer a pop-up dinner service that you do not want to miss out on, but it won’t last long so make sure to get your reservations in now! They book up quickly, so check their website to find all available reservations, you can try your luck with walking in but you may be turned away – especially on beautiful, sunny nights! They also have a 90 minute time limit, but we did not feel pressured or rushed. We had a few drinks, a wonderful dinner, and great conversation and the time limit seemed to be just right.

Their menu is fairly limited – but they do offer something for everyone. They have a fish offering, steak offering, vegetarian pasta, and a burger for the mains. They also offer salads and a few shareable plates. I was definitely impressed with the quality and taste of the food considering it is a rooftop bar and the views alone are worth it. We all knew we weren’t going there specifically for the food, but we were pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! We ordered the King Salmon ($36), Campanelle ($26), and the Chicken Caesar ($25). Although the dishes were all incredible, the campanelle definitely took the win here! It was the vegetarian pasta offering that was filled with mushrooms, a leek cream and pistachios. It was light and fresh and I wanted to steal the rest from my friend (but I did not). My other friend went for the Salmon, because its the PNW so really how could you not. It was served with large couscous pearls and fresh veggies. I opted for the chicken caesar – less because I was trying to eat a salad to be healthy and really because it was warm and a salad sounded refreshing. I would recommend the pasta above everything. Do I regret my salad, absolutely not, it was delicious – but there was something about that pasta that I just can’t put my finger on.

Overall, we had such a great evening with the views, food, and drinks. All things considered, The Nest is fairly priced for what you get. I would definitely go back for the experience and do it all again. If you want the best views you need to check them out because I don’t think many places in the city can beat these gorgeous views.

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