Tra Tea

By now, I think y’all all know my love of bubble tea and milk tea! I am always in search of new, cute, tasty places to grab a cold cup of my addiction. Tra Tea is located in Bellevue, which are not my normal foodies stomping grounds, I do make the occasional trip there to try new places. What I love about Tra Tea is their wide variety of drinks on their menu; their simple, aesthetically pleasing space; cute containers; and most importantly their delicious drinks!

They offer a wide variety from fruit teas to milk teas to lemonades to coffees, it was so difficult to decide what to order because everything looked so refreshing! I opted for their Classic Milk Tea and their Bac Siu (Vietnamese Coffee with sweetened milk). Both drinks were super tasty and creamy. The milk tea was sweet and rich and definitely hit the spot. The coffee packed a bunch, which is exactly what I want but didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. I am also obsessed with their bottles because they are so cute! They are super unique and I have never seen another bubble tea shop carry them. They seal them right then once they make your drink and you can opt for no ice if you want to save it and crack it open at a later time – which I highly recommend. Pro tip: always get 2 drinks and get one without ice so you can enjoy later without having to get out again – I always do this when I want to try multiple drinks from a spot, especially if its a bit of a drive!

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