Can Bar

I have been to Can Bar countless times, yet this is the only picture I have taken… perhaps it’s because the food and drinks are too irresistible that I can’t wait. Or perhaps it’s because some nights I just want to live in the moment and forget about my “phone eats first phrase” and enjoy time with friends. Whichever reason, this still remains the only picture I have from this place – but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. They are located in White City neighborhood in Seattle in a small, but fun space. They have a few seats indoors, but then it opens up to a wonderful patio in the back! It has lots of nautical themed decor and an impressive list of beer, wine, and cocktails. They specialize in sandwiches, which is half of their menu offerings and have classics to unique to meat and vegan and everything in between. Must haves for me include their Fried Chicken Sandwich, Angel’s Corned Beef, Hummus Plate, Chili Cheese Fries, and their House Fries with Fried Garlic Mayo. If you want something a bit lighter, they offer salads as well that look incredible – although I have not tried them. I go for their “heavier” food, especially since a trip here usually involves a few of their drinks. My favorite cocktail is hands down their Can Bar Margarita – it’s light and refreshing and doesn’t have that fake, sugary margarita mix. It is simple with Sauza Silver, Giffard Pamplemousse, lemon, lime and simple syrup. It is delicious and just what you need after a long week. My other favorite cocktails are Pain Killer, Sunset Cruise, and their Rio Raft. If beer, wine or cider are more your jame don’t fret. They offer 60+ beers, 15 ciders, and 10 wines. So no matter what you are in the mood for, they definitely have you covered! Check them out if you are looking for a mouthwater (and gigantic) sandwich and a cold one to chase it down with. For their menu and their backstory on their nautical themed bar, click here.

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