Fog Room

Fog Room is located high above the streets of Seattle on the 16th Floor of the Charter Hotel. If you aren’t keen on heights, this might not be the spot for you. But if you’re looking for some gorgeous views of Seattle and some tasty cocktails then you need to check it out! The Fog Room has stunning views of the Sound and you can watch the Ferries come and go. They have a large list of cocktails, wine, and spirits so there is something for everyone. Their cocktail selection is divided in two 4 offerings – classics, highballs, splendor, and specials. The were refreshing and packed a punch – so don’t get too close to the edge if you’ve had a few.

While this place was absolutely amazing, it is not your everyday, after work venue for drinks with friends. This is a more upscale, special occasion vibes going on. The drinks were amazing, but they were also pretty pricey – that is to be expected though at a rooftop bar in Seattle, but make sure to take a glance so you know what you’re getting in to! Additionally, they do automatically add a 20% gratuity to every check, so watch out when the check comes. The Fog Room does also offer some small plates and entrees – but do have a fairly limited menu. We ordered their Shoestring Fries ($10) that are served with a goat cheese ranch. The fries were delicious – and were actually shoestring. They were thin and crispy with a tasty rosemary seasoning sprinkled on! For the drinks we ordered their Gold Medal ($14), Irish Coffee ($15), and Caipirinha ($14). The Gold medal was a rum based drink with a bit of bitterness to it – if you’re looking for something less sweet, this is the drink for you. My husband loves Irish Coffees, so that was a no brainer for him – it was warm and rich. Lastly, the Caipirinha is not on their menu but they were able to make on – it is refreshing and limey, so if lime is not your vibe I would not recommend this choice!

If you are visiting Seattle or have a special event to celebrate, make sure to check them out! Or if you’re just looking for a nice rooftop bar with some delicious drinks and a great view to soak up the (rare) Seattle Sun looks no further! Check their reservations though because they do fill up quickly, especially with reduced seating due to Covid.

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