Tutta Bella

Italy or Seattle? You decide! This place is the real deal, although I have never been to Italy so I don’t really have anything to compare it to! BUT this is some of the best Italian food I have had in the US, and I have eaten a lot! I mean it is mostly carbsContinue reading “Tutta Bella”

Rocco’s Pizza

Rocco’s is located in Belltown so it is perfect for an afternoon slice or for a slice after a night out. This pizza is goals. It had a super crispy crust, but still soft and chewy! The cheese to sauce ratio was just right – enough cheese to be fully covered with a good layerContinue reading “Rocco’s Pizza”

Big Mario’s Pizza

BIG MARIO’S – multiple locations around Seattle, but we went to the Cap Hill location. These guys used to be one of my go-tos when I lived in the city and had late night pizza ~cravings~. They serve up giant NY style slices for a fair price. They have a crispy crust and a slightlyContinue reading “Big Mario’s Pizza”

Talaricos Pizza

TALARICO’S – located in West Seattle and Fremont. When we first ordered and saw the price we were astonished and very skeptical…the pizza better be real good for $7.70 per slice! But when we got the slice, we realized why. These are massive slices – 14 inches to be exact. Definitely a big enough sliceContinue reading “Talaricos Pizza”

Zeek’s Pizza

ZEEK’S – multiple locations around Seattle! We always knew this place to be a go-to of a lot of people for easy slices, but we found out the hard way that Zeek’s does not offer single slices on the weekends. So instead we opted for a personal size cheese pizza so we could still tryContinue reading “Zeek’s Pizza”

Ian’s Pizza

IAN’S – located in Cap Hill. This place is serving up a decent slice – the crust was one of the best so we gave it really high marks there! But overall it could have used more cheese. The flavor was decent – it wasn’t the best we had but also wasn’t the worst, itContinue reading “Ian’s Pizza”

Hot Mama’s Pizza

HOT MAMA’S – located in Cap Hill. These guys are known for their cheap, late night slices. The crust was slightly doughy, but it might be because they pile on the cheese – so maybe if they cooked it just a bit longer it would be a little better. This was a great cheesy, gooeyContinue reading “Hot Mama’s Pizza”

Pagliacci Pizza

PAGLIACCI – multiple locations around Seattle. If you live in Seattle, you have probably heard of Pagliacci. I’m sure my rating below will be an unpopular opinion, but this place just didn’t have it. I had such high hopes for this place beucase it is one of the more popular Seattle pizza places, but itContinue reading “Pagliacci Pizza”

Moto Pizza

MOTO – located in West Seattle. This is a newer spot serving up Detroit Style Deep Dish pizza! We knew we had to check it out, even if they don’t serve slices! This place can be a challenge to get a pizza from though. They are so popular for two reasons – first becuase theyContinue reading “Moto Pizza”

Windy City Pie

WINDY CITY PIE – located in Phinney Ridge. This place serves up Chicago Deep Dish style pizza. This place you can also only buy a whole pie. We ordered the Meatza at $26.50. You definitely get a lot of food for the price – this pizza weighed between 8-10lbs. However, it was pretty doughy. YesContinue reading “Windy City Pie”