Talaricos Pizza

TALARICO’S – located in West Seattle and Fremont. When we first ordered and saw the price we were astonished and very skeptical…the pizza better be real good for $7.70 per slice! But when we got the slice, we realized why. These are massive slices – 14 inches to be exact. Definitely a big enough slice for two people to share. The crust was crispy and it had a great flavor! We did think that it could use a bit more sauce though! You definitely don’t need more than 1 slice from this place unless you are feeding a large, hungry family! Their whole pizzas will set you back about $50-$60 depending on what toppings you get! Not too unreasonable, but you will have pizza for days. I loved that they offered pretty much all of their pizza’s as slices because there were so many delicious things to choose from! Their margerita was so fresh and I loved that they topped it with diced tomatoes – really set them apart. My favorite vegetarian pizza is always margarita so this was definitely a winner for me!

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