Pagliacci Pizza

PAGLIACCI – multiple locations around Seattle. If you live in Seattle, you have probably heard of Pagliacci. I’m sure my rating below will be an unpopular opinion, but this place just didn’t have it. I had such high hopes for this place beucase it is one of the more popular Seattle pizza places, but it did not hit the mark. The best thing about them was their crust and they did a good job with the cheese to sauce ratio. But the flavor just wasn’t there. It was bland and you really couldn’t distinguish it from a frozen pizza. We tried bites of the sauce and the cheese on its own to see if we could figure out what was missing, almost like the sauce just needed some more salt and seasonings. This slice was the cheapest of the day at $3 for a slice of cheese. So I guess if you really want to save some money then grab a slice here, otherwise I would recommend one of the other pizza spots! This was literally just a step up from eating cardboard becuase this provides at least some nutritional value, but not much else. I am not sure if it was the location we went to and they were just having an off day, but I am in no rush to try their pizza again.

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