Ian’s Pizza

IAN’S – located in Cap Hill. This place is serving up a decent slice – the crust was one of the best so we gave it really high marks there! But overall it could have used more cheese. The flavor was decent – it wasn’t the best we had but also wasn’t the worst, it was just in the middle. The sauce was good on its own – so if you’re looking for a more saucy pizza, this is the one for you! They offer a wide variety of toppings and slices as well which is cool. I did find their pizza to leave a bit of an after taste that was almost that nostalgic rubbery cafeteria or frozen pizza – although it wasn’t as bad as I am probably making it sound, but there was definitely a unique flavor/after taste. Although the pizza was very fresh, the ingredients are not as high quality as some pizza places so it didn’t taste as fresh. Think if this place as a step up from a Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns. I will say a ton of people love Ian’s so don’t knock it until you try it yourself!

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