Big Mario’s Pizza

BIG MARIO’S – multiple locations around Seattle, but we went to the Cap Hill location. These guys used to be one of my go-tos when I lived in the city and had late night pizza ~cravings~. They serve up giant NY style slices for a fair price. They have a crispy crust and a slightly spicy/peppery sauce. We did think it could use a bit more cheese because there were some pockets that were sauce heavy. A slice of cheese is $4.25, which is pretty reasonable considering the amount of pizza you are getting! This place also serves single slices or whole pies, so if you are just wanting a slice after a night out or a whole pizza to split with friends, they’ve got you covered. They also offer a wider variety of toppings for both their walk in slices and if you order a while pizza. Big Mario’s is probably the best deal in the city for how much pizza you get for the price you are paying – and honestly it is super delicious!

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