Moto Pizza

MOTO – located in West Seattle. This is a newer spot serving up Detroit Style Deep Dish pizza! We knew we had to check it out, even if they don’t serve slices! This place can be a challenge to get a pizza from though. They are so popular for two reasons – first becuase they are the new shiny toy on the block and two their pizza is like REALLY good. We ordered the Mr. Pig because it had some unique ingredients including filipino bacon, lime sauce, and pork. The crust was delicious – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They only offer whole pies – and this one was $19, which is pretty reasonable considering the toppings and amount of food you get! Definitely rivals those in Detroit – they’ve definitely nailed it! Check out their webiste though as they are currently doing pre-orders months in advance and give them a call if you are unsure about their online ordering! We were lucky enough to go right when they opened and they were kind enough to let us order a full pie for that night!

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