Rocco’s Pizza

Rocco’s is located in Belltown so it is perfect for an afternoon slice or for a slice after a night out. This pizza is goals. It had a super crispy crust, but still soft and chewy! The cheese to sauce ratio was just right – enough cheese to be fully covered with a good layer but you still were able to taste the sauce. It was also delicious – it had enough flavor that all parts of the pizza could stand on its own. It was definitely the best tasting slice of pizza we have had in a while. However, a slice of cheese will cost you $5.25, which is pretty steep considering how much pizza you get. But I will say it is definitely worth it it you’re willing to fork out just a little bit more money! They are super quick too and offer a wide selection of toppings. You can also grab a slice or two, or an entire pie! If you are just grabbing a slice, they will warm it up for you before serving it, so it is super hot and fresh – their pizza turns so quickly that you’re likely going to get a slice that has been made within the last 30 minutes anyways!

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