Hot Mama’s Pizza

HOT MAMA’S – located in Cap Hill. These guys are known for their cheap, late night slices. The crust was slightly doughy, but it might be because they pile on the cheese – so maybe if they cooked it just a bit longer it would be a little better. This was a great cheesy, gooey slice but besides the cheese, there wasn’t much flavor. The sauce was a bit bland. A slice of cheese will cost you $3.30, which made it the one of the cheaper slices of the day. So if you’re looking for a cheaper option but still have some flavor, this spot has you covered. I have tried some of their other slices and I will say their pesto slice is definitely a great one – so maybe stick to the more unique slices at this spot! I do love this pizza spot though for a great late night spot after a night out, or even when I’m just grabbing a while pizza to share with friends. Their Hawaiian Pizza is one of my favorites – and yes pineapple does belong on pizza – as long as its the right pizza! This place usually has a long ling in the later hours of the evening, so they are doing something right.

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