Tutta Bella

Italy or Seattle? You decide! This place is the real deal, although I have never been to Italy so I don’t really have anything to compare it to! BUT this is some of the best Italian food I have had in the US, and I have eaten a lot! I mean it is mostly carbs and cheese, how could you NOT love that?! Anyways, Tutta Bella has a number of locations around Seattle and is a perfect spot for some delicious food, tasty wine, and chill vibes. A lot of Italian restaurants are on the higher end, but Tutta Bella is more casual so it is a great spot for after work or Happy Hour with the girls – it is not intimidating at all.

They’ve got delicious pizza, salad, meatballs and more! And no matter how full you are DO NOT skip the tiramisu!! It will blow your mind and you will never be able to eat any other tirimisu for the rest of your life – it deserves its own Michelin Star. Another great thing is their food is so sharable! They offer different size pizzas, so you can either get a personal size if sharing isn’t your thing (which for me it is not – “Aly doesn’t share food! – if you get the reference, kudos to you) or you can opt for the larger size and share slices with friends. Their appetizers are also great for sharing. Their meatballs are to die for as well and their caesar salad is some of the best I have ever had as well! I am already drooling thinking about eating there again soon.

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