Windy City Pie

WINDY CITY PIE – located in Phinney Ridge. This place serves up Chicago Deep Dish style pizza. This place you can also only buy a whole pie. We ordered the Meatza at $26.50. You definitely get a lot of food for the price – this pizza weighed between 8-10lbs. However, it was pretty doughy. Yes deep dish will have more dough/crust, but this wasn’t crispy except for the top edges where the cheese was. The flavor was pretty good and had a great sauce. We also thought this could use more cheese – you just really didn’t get a cheese flavor at all. We heated this up the next day in a toaster oven and honestly it was better than when it was fresh – it crisped the crust up a bit which helped but you could see, there was only a very thin layer of cheese. If you love Chicago Deep Dish then check them out, but otherwise I would skip it!

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