Boom Town Ice Cream

Boom Town ice cream just opened its doors a few weeks ago. They are located on 23rd street across the street from Big Truck Tacos, so you can grab dinner and then a sweet treat! They are a small batch creamery with all of their flavors and ice creams being made by hand. They prideContinue reading “Boom Town Ice Cream”

The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear is a custom ice cream sandwich shop with locations across the country! I mean who doesn’t love two warm cookies with creamy ice cream stuffed in between? Those premade, frozen ice cream sammies you can find in stores have nothing on The Baked Bear. How it works is you go in andContinue reading “The Baked Bear”

Roxy’s Ice Cream Shop

I remember Roxy’s ice cream being so delicious it was hard to say no to for an after dinner dessert or just a midday treat. My most recent trip there was a bit different. I was so excited to grab some creamy ice cream with my mom – ice cream is her favorite so itContinue reading “Roxy’s Ice Cream Shop”

Capitals Ice Cream

Capitals Ice Cream is a tasty treat that will leave you wanting to come back again and again. My parents and I grabbed a sweet treat here after dinner – we were stuffed and probably could have split 1, but you know how it is we had to each get our own! You can makeContinue reading “Capitals Ice Cream”

Sweet Cow

Sweet Cow is a local ice cream shop with 6 locations in and around Denver. Each location has a slightly different menu with a few flavor swaps. Apparently each location is allowed to make flavor unique flavors of their own, which is cool! We went to the Highlands location because they had a Lucky CharmsContinue reading “Sweet Cow”

Aqua S

Aqua S is an ice cream shop coming all the way from Australia! Bellevue, WA is home to their first location on the West Coast and we are so lucky to have them! They have a few other locations across the US, as well as a presence in Asia and obviously, Australia. They are knownContinue reading “Aqua S”

Milk Drunk

Milk Drunk is a spot located in Beacon Hill serving up some serious sandwiches and soft serve. They serve fried chicken sammies and WOW. Fried chicken is hard to get right and very easy to mess up – it is why you haven’t seen any fried chicken recipes on my blog, I will leave itContinue reading “Milk Drunk”

Salt + Straw

I had my first taste of Salt & Straw years ago in Portland, OR. It was so good I craved that sweet, creamy goodness often. Now Portland is not that far away from Seattle, but it is a bit too far for a quick ice cream run so I knew that this place would beContinue reading “Salt + Straw”

Frankie and Jo’s

Frankie and Jo’s is a wonderful, plant based ice cream shop with multiple locations all over Seattle! Somehow, they have managed to preserve the creaminess that we all crave in ice cream but have removed all the dairy from it! Their ice creams are 100% vegan and all made in house. The first time IContinue reading “Frankie and Jo’s”