Frankie and Jo’s

Frankie and Jo’s is a wonderful, plant based ice cream shop with multiple locations all over Seattle! Somehow, they have managed to preserve the creaminess that we all crave in ice cream but have removed all the dairy from it! Their ice creams are 100% vegan and all made in house. The first time I indulged in their ice cream, I actually had no idea it was vegan and was completely fooled in to thinking it was “real” ice cream! I use quotations here, because it IS real ice cream, it just uses alternatives that are honestly much better for us and the environment.

My all time favorite is their Salty Caramel Ash – its a creamy, salty-sweet combination! They use activated charcoal in it which gives it a unique, gray color. my second favorite is their Brown Sugar Vanilla – its simple, but make no mistake, it is not basic! Their ice creams start with a coconut milk base, but its a very subtle coconut flavor that you won’t even taste once they add in the other goodness to the flavors! If you’re looking for a chocolatey vibe – try their Jamocha Chaga Fudge, Chocolate Date, or Chocolate Tahini Supercookie – all are very rich and full of chocolate! Their Date Shake and Golden Milk are also delicious options if you’re wanting a more unique flavor profile – or their California Cabin. Seriously, I have tried them ALL and you won’t be disappointed with whichever flavor you choose – or do a double and try two flavors! Don’t miss out on their seasonal flavors either! They rotate frequently, so try them before they are gone.

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