Roxy’s Ice Cream Shop

I remember Roxy’s ice cream being so delicious it was hard to say no to for an after dinner dessert or just a midday treat. My most recent trip there was a bit different. I was so excited to grab some creamy ice cream with my mom – ice cream is her favorite so it was a no brainer. But I was disappointed upon first lick. Sure it was still creamy, but it almost lacked flavor. I grabbed a single scoop of their Cookies and Milk flavor in a waffle cone of course. I kept eating it, hoping that the magic would return and I would eventually find satisfaction, but it never came. Maybe I chose the wrong flavor? Maybe I am so accustomed to Salt+Straw (which is most definitely the most superior ice cream)? Or maybe their standards and ice cream is just not as good as it used to be. Whatever the reason, I chucked this ice cream after a few bites because it was like licking a wall, in terms of flavor. I did try a few bites of the waffle cone, hoping that it would be so incredible it would make up for the lack of flavor in the ice cream…. but no luck, it tasted like cardboard. My mom grabbed a single scoop sundae and seemed to be enjoying that. Maybe it had more flavor, or maybe the numerous toppings masked the actual ice cream. It is worth noting that I went to their Nichols Hills location next to Whole Foods; back in the day when they were brand new and didn’t have as many locations, I would also go to their Plaza District location on 16th street. Anyways, I say skip this place becuase there are much better ice cream spots out there – honestly Braum’s is way better and I should have just gone there instead.

If you want to look at their menu and locations check here.

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