Sweet Cow

Sweet Cow is a local ice cream shop with 6 locations in and around Denver. Each location has a slightly different menu with a few flavor swaps. Apparently each location is allowed to make flavor unique flavors of their own, which is cool! We went to the Highlands location because they had a Lucky Charms flavor that I knew I had to try – they do change their flavors frequently, so make sure to check the location you want for their daily offerings. This post will start off not so great, but it will end on a sweet note! I was disappointed with the lucky charms flavor – they had put actual pieces of cereal in it, which had become soggy and stale-like..not exactly what you want in your ice cream. The base of the ice cream itself was delicious and creamy – they just didn’t nail the incorporation of the cereal and it didn’t taste much like lucky charms. I think they would have been much better off had they made a cereal milk out of the lucky charms and then using that as a base – I am not and ice cream maker though! The other flavor I tried was their Joe’s Cookie Butter. Now that flavor HIT. It was creamy with a good, pronounced flavor of cookie butter, but not too overwhelming. You could tell it was all made fresh and is a Denver favorite. Definitely stop by to grab a scoop, but maybe stay clear of anything with cereal in it! For their locations to browse the menu click here.

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