Milk Drunk

Milk Drunk is a spot located in Beacon Hill serving up some serious sandwiches and soft serve. They serve fried chicken sammies and WOW. Fried chicken is hard to get right and very easy to mess up – it is why you haven’t seen any fried chicken recipes on my blog, I will leave it to the pros! Lot’s of places claim to have good fried chicken, but a lot of them fall short. Milk Drunk though is the REAL deal. I was SO impressed upon first bite. The chicken was thick and juicy, but perfectly fried and crispy on the outside. I swear, the chicken was like 1.5 inches thick – like it was not coming to play. It is also worth mentioning, I couldn’t finish my sandwich and took half of it home. I got hungry a few hours later and decided to eat the rest and it wa still incredible – hours later it was still crispy. Although it wasn’t as warm since I didn’t reheat it, I was still shook that it still tasted incredible and had the crunchy outside. Most leftover fried chicken sammies are just sad and need to be tossed if you don’t eat them right away.

Now to their menu. We ordered their special called “The General” and their “Basic”. The General is their current special, so it probably won’t be around for very long. But is is their double fried chicken, general tao’s sauce, cabbage, pickles, mayo and sesame seeds. It was pretty good – sweet, salty and spicy. I would have prefered a little bit more acid/tang in the sandwich because the sauce was a bit on the sweet side, so I think some more pickles or some sort of vinegar could have balanced it out a bit better. When I did eat the leftover later, it didn’t taste as sweet as when it was fresh – so potentially was competing with the other sammie we got and tasted sweeter comparatively. The Basic comes with their brined and double fried chicken, mayo, house pickles, and lettuce. Fairly simple, but so delicious. The crunch of the lettuce and pickles were perfect with the juicy chicken. This sandwich I could taste the chicken more and it was able to stand on its own with a great flavor. Although this sandwich doesn’t have a lot of frill it really shows the chicken as the star! They have 6 other sandwiches with various toppings and flavors, including a vegetarian option featuring a portobello mushroom. Although we didn’t try it (this time), I have a vegetarian friend that raved about how good it was!

The other fun thing they offer is soft serve! I mean fried chicken and soft serve, what a great combination! Even though I was incredibly full and couldn’t finish my sandwich, I couldn’t say no to ice cream! I opted for their Vanilla and Malted Chocolate Swirl – one of my favorites growing up as a kid (if you live in the midwest, you are familiar with Braum’s – they have an incredible swirl that was my favorite treat growing up, this reminded me of Braum’s). The soft serve was creamy and not overly sweet. They do have a few other flavors, some of which rotate for the specials. Currently they have rainier cherry, fig leaf coconut, golden milk and plum! I was intrigued by the golden milk, but will have to go back and try more!

TLDR: If you want some banging fried chicken and creamy soft serve go to Milk Drunk because you won’t be disappointed and you will probably not have a better chicken sandwich (at least not in the PNW). For their full menu click here.

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