Aqua S

Aqua S is an ice cream shop coming all the way from Australia! Bellevue, WA is home to their first location on the West Coast and we are so lucky to have them! They have a few other locations across the US, as well as a presence in Asia and obviously, Australia. They are known for their Sea Salt soft serve that is a beautiful baby blue color. They offer additional flavors of soft serve that vary by location and season as they rotate their flavors frequently. If soft serve is not your favorite, they also have ice cream in a variety of flavors including durain, vietnamese coffee, cookies and cream and many more. This place was fun to try and the Sea Salt soft serve was delicious – the sea salt was subtle enough but offered a great salty, sweet combination. You can also get toppings on your ice cream, including fairy floss – which is cotton candy! Full sugar rush going on! I will say though, although it was good it is not a place I would frequent often. It was pretty expensive for a small serving of soft serve – it came out to a little over $6 after tax. There are definitely better ice cream spots that offer more flavors and a better price point. Give it a try for their unique sea salt flavor!

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