Logan Street

Logan Street is the perfect spot for small plates and drinks. It is great whether you want to share multiple small plates with friends or if you just want a light dish. I would categorize this spot as upscale rustic. You walk in to a brick exposed wall and a white, modern bar counter top.Continue reading “Logan Street”

Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s is basically a Chipotle but on steroids and much higher quality meats. They also offer way more toppings than your typical Chipotle or Qdoba. And their queso is actually worth eating….looking at you Chipotle. Let me pause by saying, there is nothing wrong with Chipotle, in fact I am a frequent flyer…but let’sContinue reading “Illegal Pete’s”

Sweet Cow

Sweet Cow is a local ice cream shop with 6 locations in and around Denver. Each location has a slightly different menu with a few flavor swaps. Apparently each location is allowed to make flavor unique flavors of their own, which is cool! We went to the Highlands location because they had a Lucky CharmsContinue reading “Sweet Cow”

Stem Cider

Not a beer fan? Stem has you covered – no beer here, cider only! This is a cider lovers paradise with so many different flavor offerings and you can even do samplers if you can’t decide. This cider heaven is located in the RiNo (River North) district of Denver tucked away from the street. TheyContinue reading “Stem Cider”