Boom Town Ice Cream

Boom Town ice cream just opened its doors a few weeks ago. They are located on 23rd street across the street from Big Truck Tacos, so you can grab dinner and then a sweet treat! They are a small batch creamery with all of their flavors and ice creams being made by hand. They pride themselves on using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients so you can taste the difference. One cool feature on their menu is their flights – they have a mini and regular, both of which come with 6 flavors of your choice. Of course I had to get the mini flight ($8). I tried a variety of their current flavors – S’mores, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cookie, Espresso Crunch, and Okie Munchie Crunch. A few of the flavors I wanted to try were already sold out, which is to be expected on a hot summer day in OKC. Overall this ice cream was fine, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. It wasn’t super creamy or flavorful so I was a bit disappointed and definitely think there are better ice cream spots out there.

Breaking down the flavors I got let’s started with S’mores. Tons of people label things s’mores, but sticking some marshmallows in something doesn’t make it a s’more. I was most disappointed with this flavor because I had such high expectations. It was basically a vanilla ice cream with a few marshmallows sprinkled throughout and the only chocolate and graham cracker I had was from the top of the ice cream, but it was not mixed throughout. I was impressed that their marshmallows remained soft, even when super cold. Individually I would give this a 5/10 only because it was decently creamy, but it lacked flavor. Next up, the cookies & cream – another classic. This one was loaded with cookies, which was awesome and had a nice creamy, consistency going on. Even though there were a plethora of cookies, the flavor was still a bit lacking – I’d give this a 7/10. Very middle of the road cookies & cream. That brings us to Cookie Dough – the absolute best flavor of the night. Creamy, large chunks of cookie dough that actually tasted like cookie dough. A true winner. Hands down 10/10 and would come back for this flavor and this flavor alone. Next, Okie Munchie Crunch – if you like chocolate base ice cream, this is a winner. For me, a vanilla babe, it was a bit too rich but had a nice chocolate flavor without being too sweet. This flavor starts with a nutella ice cream and is loaded with chocolate covered potato chips, pretzels and fudge swirls. Definitely understand how they got the name for this one. Individually, I would give this a 7 or 8/10! Now to my absolute worst flavors of the night. Let’s start with the Peanut Butter Cookie. I LOVE peanut butter, but this was just not there. It barely tasted like peanut butter, which let’s be real, it doesn’t take that much peanut butter to taste it because of the richness. Another issue with this flavor was that it was not creamy at all – it fell apart in clumps – and had what I would consider a shaved ice texture. I also did not taste any of the supposed cookies that should have been in there. Honestly, I would give this like a 2/10 to be generous – I didn’t even finish this flavor because I could not bring myself to eat any more of it. And lastly, the Espresso Crunch – I think they put crunch in the name because of the literal espresso grounds that were in this. It was vile – I love coffee and coffee flavored ice cream, but I have never asked for actual coffee grounds in my ice cream…they are gritty and super bitter and no one wants that. It had a super strong coffee flavor, which is not a bad thing – but the gritty texture makes this almost inedible. I tried to take a few more bites to give it a chance and just couldn’t. I would give this a 1/10 but no one should eat this.

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