I have been to Harvey’s several times, but always for a grab and go situation. Usually coffee and a pastry, but I was ready to give their brunch a try and actually sit down to enjoy the bustling restaurant. Harvey’s is probably one of the biggest restaurant spaces I have seen in OKC, it isContinue reading “Harvey’s”

Ray’s Chicken Kitchen

Ray’s Chicken Kitchen is located inside the Parlor in Downtown OKC. The Parlor is a culinary concept bringing multiple food vendors into one location with a bar and tons of seating. I love that these are popping up all over the city because it is a great and convenient way to try multiple dishes fromContinue reading “Ray’s Chicken Kitchen”

Ma Der

Ma Der is one of the best things to hit OKC! It is located in the thriving, vibrant Plaza District and just one of the many culinary masterpieces to join the area. People underrate OKC time and time again and I am here to set the record straight and tell y’all that OKC is havingContinue reading “Ma Der”

Cafe Kacao

Cafe Kacao and brunch are practically synonymous. Kacao has been around for as long as I can remember and has been a go to spot for brunch and breakfast, not only on the weekends but throughout the week. It is a Latin American spot serving up all kinds of delicious dishes from sweet to savoryContinue reading “Cafe Kacao”

Providence Pizza

Despite the name, Providence Pizza is actually located in OKC inside Parlor. Parlor is another food hall/food collective in Downtown with 7 different restaurants and 2 bars. I love that these concepts are popping up all over OKC and Edmond because they are so fun and welcome a variety of food options your whole groupContinue reading “Providence Pizza”

Szechuan Story

I was craving dumplings, so I did what probably everyone does and googled “best dumplings in OKC.” A few options popped up and Szechuan Story was one of those! It had a full menu with some delicious looking dishes. They were also one of the only menus that had soup dumplings, so I was instantlyContinue reading “Szechuan Story”

JianYa Ramen

JinYa is actually a chain ramen spot from Japan, but their ramen is no joke. They have expanded in the US pretty quickly, which I love for them and the fact they are bringing Japanese culture to the states. I am working my way through all the ramen spots in OKC, and while this technicallyContinue reading “JianYa Ramen”


NuNu’s has been a part of the OKC food scene for generations. They have been serving up absolutely incredible mediterranean food and their dishes speak for themselves. The owners use their grandma’s recipes that are hundreds of years old and have been passed down through the years – so you know it is going toContinue reading “NuNu’s”

Tokyo Japanese

Tokyo has been around for decades. They first opened their doors in 1987 and have been serving sushi to OKC since then. The menu features traditional Japanese sushi and sake as well as some fun, unique twists of their own. Tokyo is probably the most well-known, popular sushi spot in OKC and for a whileContinue reading “Tokyo Japanese”

Boom Town Ice Cream

Boom Town ice cream just opened its doors a few weeks ago. They are located on 23rd street across the street from Big Truck Tacos, so you can grab dinner and then a sweet treat! They are a small batch creamery with all of their flavors and ice creams being made by hand. They prideContinue reading “Boom Town Ice Cream”