Logan Street

Logan Street is the perfect spot for small plates and drinks. It is great whether you want to share multiple small plates with friends or if you just want a light dish. I would categorize this spot as upscale rustic. You walk in to a brick exposed wall and a white, modern bar counter top. Their menu features crispy eggplant, hummus, flatbreads, wood-fired tostadas, and more! They do have larger entrees if you want something a bit heavier. Choose from sea bass, pork chop, tasty pastas, and much more. If you have room for dessert at the end of the meal, they’ve got you covered with an espresso creme brulee that will jolt you awake.

We grabbed the hummus and crispy eggplant to start. The hummus is served with warm pita, crudites, and stuffed grape leaves. A tasty combo that was a wonderful way to start off our meal. This was also the first thing I had eaten since breakfast since I spent the majority of the day in the airport and on a plane flying from Seattle to Denver, so I am sure anything would have tasted good at that point, but my friend went above and beyond to make my first meal in Denver a tasty one. The crispy eggplant is served with a large ball of burrata, atop a warm tomato sauce and drizzled with a parsley pesto. This was my absolute favorite plate. I mean I love burrata as always is a fan fav, but then add some delicately fried eggplant and a sauce – damn now you talking! I couldn’t resist trying the tostadas as well. I grabbed the shrimp tostada that came with a freshly wood-fired tostada, succulent shrimp, chipotle cream and cherry tomatoes. Incredible!

For their full menu click here.

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