Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s is basically a Chipotle but on steroids and much higher quality meats. They also offer way more toppings than your typical Chipotle or Qdoba. And their queso is actually worth eating….looking at you Chipotle. Let me pause by saying, there is nothing wrong with Chipotle, in fact I am a frequent flyer…but let’s just say if I had an Illegal Pete’s near me, so long Chipotle! Illegal Pete’s has several locations all over Colorado, and they even have a few spots in Arizona. Besides the freshness and quality of the ingredients here, they also had a full bar, which means you can grab a margarita or a few tequila shots to enjoy with your food. We went to their South Broadway location and it had a large outdoor seating area – I can imagine when the weather is warmer it probably draws large crowds. This is a great spot to go with friends or by yourself. You walk inside and make your way down the long counter telling the person behind the counter what you want on your bowl, burrito, or tacos. As I mentioned above, very similar to Chipotle. For their meats you get a choice between grilled chicken, grilled steak, carnitas, shredded beef, beer battered fish, or the vegetarian/vegan option. Some of the extra toppings you won’t find at Chipotle include: house fried potatoes, primavera veggies, jalapenos, black olives, diced onions, cilantro, and shredded cabbage. They also have 3 unique dressings – baja sauce, tomato vinaigrette, and gambler’s sauce (chipotle ranch). For an extra charge you can also get queso and guacamole, but more interestingly you can grab poblano pesto and green chile. In case you were not aware, green chile is a Colorado thing – it is everywhere! Go here when you want a cheap, delicious, fresh lunch and maybe some drinks to knock back. For their menu and locations click here.

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