Central Market/Vero Pizza

Okay, so let me start by saying I failed at taking pictures at this place, I have a few videos (you can find those on my instagram page), but I was so in awe the entire time that I didn’t even think about pictures until it was too late. I managed to snap one of this glorious pizza. This place though is a food lovers dream. Located in the RiNo district in Denver, this place is called Central Market and has 11 vendors – including a full bar. It is in an old warehouse looking building with red brick and arched glass windows. They have everything you could want – wood fired pizza, charcuterie, ice cream, a butcher, a salad spot, coffee, specialty chocolates, a fish shop, bakery, and a deli with sandwiches. For all their vendors and information click here. We went on a Friday night and it was packed – almost looked like a world pre-Covid. The open seating model allows you to roam around and grab food and a drink and converge with your friends at a table. It is the perfect spot when you have a big group, indecisive friend, or a picky eater because you are sure to find something that everyone will eat. We opted for Vero – the wood-fired pizza spot. They had a solid list of pizza options, with a variety of toppings from the classic margherita to more adventurous mushroom pizza. We got the Capricciosa – san marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, olives and artichoke. Deliciously salty! This was pizza perfection – you get that snap and crunch on the outside from the slightly charred crust and the light, bouncy inside. No ranch needed here when you have a pizza that can stand on its own. Whether you’re looking for pizza or just a great foodie spot, check this Central Market out for the ultimate foodie night and try all the delicious local vendors this place offers.

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