I’ve written about Bamboo previously, but it was too good I had to go back to write about it again. If you’re trying to ball on a budget, their happy hour is the time to go. They offer so many specials and variety during this time so you can indulge but not break the bank.Continue reading “Bamboo”

Logan Street

Logan Street is the perfect spot for small plates and drinks. It is great whether you want to share multiple small plates with friends or if you just want a light dish. I would categorize this spot as upscale rustic. You walk in to a brick exposed wall and a white, modern bar counter top.Continue reading “Logan Street”

Ba Bar

I seriously cannot get enough of Ba Bar – everytime I go its like their food gets better and better somehow, I’m not even sure how that is possible! Its a great spot for happy hour drinks and snacks, casual dinner with friends, or a date-night! They have multiple locations, so good chance you areContinue reading “Ba Bar”


Bottlehouse is a fairly recent discovery of mine (like within the last 6 months), and I’m upset I didn’t find this place sooner. It is located in Seattle in an area called Madrona, and has the cutest outdoor patio. They are best known for the wine, and offer a wide selection from whites to redsContinue reading “Bottlehouse”


Oso is oh so good! In fact, we loved it so much, in a span of 5 days, we went there 3 times! They offer a number of specials throughout the week including Taco Tuesday and Happy Hours. They also offer family meals, which usually include a large number of tacos for a very fairContinue reading “Oso”