Denver Biscuit Company

Denver Biscuit Company is a staple of Denver. If you have been to Denver and haven’t been to this establishment then either you live under a rock, don’t like biscuits, or you had a horrible tour guide. Whatever the reason, I urge you to make this a must have spot for your next trip there.Continue reading “Denver Biscuit Company”

Spicy Chong Qing

Spicy Chong Qing is a small restaurant located in the Great Wall Mall(really it is a small shopping center with tons of restaurants and an asian grocery store) in Kent, WA. They are open everyday, except Tuesday from 11am-9pm, so you can check them out for lunch or dinner! I found this place a fewContinue reading “Spicy Chong Qing”

TNT Taqueria

TNT TAQUERIA – located in Wallingford, is a little walk up window serving up tacos and more! They open at 8am so you can get your breakfast taco fill as well! I used to come here all the time for breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, and their churros. I had never actually tried their regular tacosContinue reading “TNT Taqueria”

Tapas Castilla

Love Tapas, but can’t travel all the way to Spain? Don’t worry – Tapas Castilla in Bellevue has you covered! They are serving up delicious tapas dishes – both traditional and some of their own creations. The space is inviting and open perfect for a group to share dishes, but is still intimate for aContinue reading “Tapas Castilla”


Sabine is a bright, open restaurant serving up delicious dishes in Ballard. They have a beautiful, spacious outdoor space as well that is perfect for the warm, sunny weather we are coming up on. If you’re checking them out on the weekend, make sure to get there early or be prepared for a bit ofContinue reading “Sabine”


What do you get when you combine donuts with mochi? DOCHI – mochi-donuts that are irresistible. Mochi donuts are not like your typical yeast raised donuts. They are light and chewy with a very different texture. Dochi is a popular Seattle bakery known for their mochi donuts and have some fun flavors! I also LOVEContinue reading “Dochi”

La Parisienne

La Parisienne – oh how I love you so. My friend recently recommended this place when I mentioned I was looking for a great chocolate croissant in Seattle. Seattle has a lot of bakeries with a lot of delicious options, and while I have enjoyed almost every croissant I have eaten, I still had notContinue reading “La Parisienne”


Bottlehouse is a fairly recent discovery of mine (like within the last 6 months), and I’m upset I didn’t find this place sooner. It is located in Seattle in an area called Madrona, and has the cutest outdoor patio. They are best known for the wine, and offer a wide selection from whites to redsContinue reading “Bottlehouse”

Dacha Diner

Dacha Diner is a little restaurant in Capital Hill serving up delicious Eastern European eats. The dish that initially drew me there, Khachapuri. It is a bread boat filled with a mixture of cheese, topped with a slab of butter and an egg yolk. It is served fresh out of the oven. As soon asContinue reading “Dacha Diner”

Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

Cake is always a good idea. But cake from Deep Sea Sugar is a GREAT idea! With a wide variety of unique flavors, you will definitely find what you are craving. Chocolate, vanilla, earl grey, caramel – seriously, they have it all! They sell their cakes by the slice, as well as whole cakes forContinue reading “Deep Sea Sugar and Salt”