Cochino Taco

If Denver does one thing right it is tacos! They have a plethora of taco spots and that is a great thing for me because we all know that tacos are like my number one favorite food. This place has two locations – one in Englewood and one in Denver – we explored the Denver location on South Broadway. I have eaten a LOT of tacos in my life – I mean I did an entire Taco Tour of Seattle – so I take my tacos very seriously and I can honestly say these SLAPPED. The restaurant had great vibes too – had the indoor/outdoor thing going on featuring colorful decorations around the place. I loved this place because they served your typical street style tacos but had a mix of classics and unique flavors. They also have a fully stocked bar with tasty drinks to choose from. This is one of my friend’s favorite taco spots in Denver so she knew I would fall in love. We went around 12:30 on a Sunday to celebrate my last day there. We missed the brunch/lunch crowd and most people were headed to the Broncos home game, so it was just busy enough to be like ‘okay there are people here so it’ll be good’ but not too busy that we had to wait long for service or our food. Originally we were just going to order some tacos, but our served notified us of the ongoing happy hour they offer so we had to take advantage – neither of us were ones to turn down some cheap drinks and food! Their happy hour is daily…yes you read that right DAILY from 11am-6pm. Longest happy hour I have seen, but no complaining here. It has $5 drinks, $6 taco deals, and $5 appetizers such as their Evil Cheetos and Queso Dip.

We ordered sangria and queso to start. DAMN their sangria was no joke – 1) it was incredibly strong for a tiny glass and 2) it tasted like it was straight out of Barcelona, no fake or overly sweet stuff here. AND at $5 you could easily be persuaded to down more than 1. Their queso came in a cute, square skillet topped with fresh pico and cilantro. Personally, it wasn’t the best queso I have had, but that is more of a style preference. It was thicker than most queso, but it did have an incredible taste. Slightly smokey, warm cheese paired with crispy chips – delicious. Now on to the main event, the tacos. Like I mentioned, they have a mix of classic and unique. I ordered the Funky Chicken and the Carnitas, while my friend ordered the Tinga and Barbacoa. We mostly ordered classic – but the funky chicken is a buttermilk fried chicken topped with slaw, serrano honey chiles, and drizzled with honey mustard. I was super impressed and I think it was my favorite taco of the bunch. The classic tacos were incredibly tender and juicy, but they almost lacked some flavor, maybe it was just becuase of the strong honey mustard and crispy chicken I had eaten 2 minutes before. They were still some delicious tacos and 10/10 would go again and again.

To be tempted by their tasty tacos you can explore their menu here.

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