20 oz Tea

20 oz Tea is a bubble tea spot located in Eastlake featuring some very instagram worthy drinks. I stopped in a few weeks back to check them out. They’ve got fruit teas, milk teas, and coffee options. Their selection is pretty extensive and they offer a seasonal rotation as well. I grabbed their Sweet CreamContinue reading “20 oz Tea”


Bobalust – says it all in the name right here. If you love boba and bubble tea, you gotta check this spot out! Their drinks are always fire and always consistent. While their menu is a lot smaller than most bubble tea places, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying them out. Their OGContinue reading “Bobalust”

Miss Boba

Miss Boba is a brand new boba tea shop that just opened in Kent, WA. It is the latest tea place to grace our presence and I am SO glad it did. They opened pretty recently, and I have been 4 days in a row…it is THAT good! They offer a variety of drinks –Continue reading “Miss Boba”

Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon is a chain bubble tea store that originated in Taiwan in 2006 and now have locations all over the world! In Washington, they currently have locations in Bellevue, Seattle, Tukwila, Edmonds, and Issaquah – but keep an eye at for new stores popping up. Their menu is pretty simple – one of theContinue reading “Happy Lemon”

S Level Tea

S Level Tea shop is a (new to me) tea shop with a LARGE selection – like their menu takes up an entire wall – of teas! They’ve got fruit, milk tea, fresh milk tea, salted cheese, coffees, and smoothies. They also offer food here, which makes it the perfect spot for lunch or dinnerContinue reading “S Level Tea”

TP Tea

TP Tea is a well-known, popular bubble tea chain that now has a location in Seattle! It is located in the International District. They have a rich, deep history and cultural connection to tea and work to preserve the authenticity surrounding it. Everything they make is prepared with the utmost care and they ensure theyContinue reading “TP Tea”

Sip House

Sip House is goals. I mean just look at how beautiful the space is – the pictures I took definitely do not do it justice! It has so many windows to allow natural light and has beautiful artwork all around. They just recently reopened for dine-in with limited seating and I am so looking forwardContinue reading “Sip House”


TrueTea is the cutest, bright and light shop in Kent serving up some great bubble tea! The space is inviting and I can’t wait until it reopens for indoor seating because I could totally spend hours in there enjoying bubble team with friends. They have a ton of offerings from milk teas to fruit andContinue reading “TrueTea”

Ding Tea

Ding Tea has locations around WA and around the world. They are originally from Taiwan and are bringing the Taiwanese Tea Culture across the world! They offer a ton of different tea options – milk, fruit, fresh, coffee – so you are sure to find something you will enjoy! Not only is their tea delicious,Continue reading “Ding Tea”