Sip House

Sip House is goals. I mean just look at how beautiful the space is – the pictures I took definitely do not do it justice! It has so many windows to allow natural light and has beautiful artwork all around. They just recently reopened for dine-in with limited seating and I am so looking forward to grabbing a drink and pastry and spending a bit more time in their space! Perfect atmosphere for a few minutes of calm and a conversation with good friends.

I feel lame for not trying more of their drinks, but I stuck with their classic milk tea so I could really rate how they match up. When you get in to a lot of flavors, I feel it is easier to mask a bad milk tea! This place is probably one of my favorites in Seattle with the best flavor profile. It is sweet, but not overly so and has a rich tea flavor that comes through. It is almost like they steeped the tea directly in the milk because it is absolutely delicious. THIS is what you want from a milk tea in my opinion. They also offer such a large variety of drinks. They have milk teas, fruit teas, blended drinks, lattes, and phin drips!

Update: I tried their Red Velvet Creme Latte and their PIstachio Creme Latte. Both were incredible and so pretty – almost too good looking to drink…almost. The Pistachio latte is a bit milder with a nice flavor – it starts with a hazelnut latte and is topped with their pistachio creme. The Red Velvet packs more of a punch and you can taste the coffee more – it starts with a mocha base and is topped with a cream cheese creme. Both are very good, but I felt the pistachio flavors blended a little better with the coffee and was so smooth and creamy!

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