Ding Tea

Ding Tea has locations around WA and around the world. They are originally from Taiwan and are bringing the Taiwanese Tea Culture across the world! They offer a ton of different tea options – milk, fruit, fresh, coffee – so you are sure to find something you will enjoy!

Not only is their tea delicious, but their shop is so cute! It is so inviting and warm that you just want to hang around and converse with friends. We ordered a number of their teas to try different flavors. We got the Signature Milk Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea, Coffee Milk Tea, and their special Tiramisu Milk Tea. Their tea is not overly sleep so you are still able to taste the actual tea, which is how I prefer it. I loved their Signature Milk Tea the best – but I am a sucker for simplicity! Their Coffee Milk Tea was also delicious if you’re looking for a caffeine boost in the afternoon. It has a rich coffee flavor without being too strong. The Hazelnut milk Tea was my husbands favorite – it was almost like nutella, but way less sweet and more subtle. It had this nutty, roasted flavor that paired really well with the milk tea. If you’re looking for something simple, I recommend the Signature Milk Tea, but if you want something unique and a bit more adventurous, you should definitely order the Hazelnut! I am hoping to get through their entire menu soon!

Updated Post: I recently tried some newer drinks Ding Tea offers- Taro Mash, Guava with Crystal Boba, Dalgona Coffee Milk Tea, and Condensed Milk Coffee. The Taro Mash was incredible – they filled the bottom with freshly mashed Taro and topped it with Green Milk Tea. It was slightly sweet and had a rich flavor which paired well with the green tea. It was very refreshing and 10/10 would recommend. The Dalgona was unique – if you are not familiar with it, it was a big trend when Covid first hit. You take instant coffee with a little bit of water and mix it until it becomes this whipped coffee and then serve with milk over ice. It was actually really good – I can’t 100% confirm how they make their Dalgona, but I assume it is very similar. The coffee was strong, but not bitter and was actually super creamy! My least favorite was the Guava. I have never been a big fan of fruit teas, but it is so hot here right now it sounded refreshing and I love guava things! This was entirely too sweet though, it tasted like I was just drinking straight sugar water. I couldn’t even finish it, but the crystal boba were pretty dope! I didn’t adjust the sweetness because honestly I didn’t think it would be THAT sugary, so I recommend adjusting the fruit teas down if you are not looking for a sugar rush.

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