S Level Tea

S Level Tea shop is a (new to me) tea shop with a LARGE selection – like their menu takes up an entire wall – of teas! They’ve got fruit, milk tea, fresh milk tea, salted cheese, coffees, and smoothies. They also offer food here, which makes it the perfect spot for lunch or dinner combo. They have all sorts of snacks, banh mi, and rice and noodle bowls. In the last week, I’ve been here 3 times. Twice for food and tea and once for just an afternoon tea.

Their food is great! We’ve tried the BBQ Pork Banh Mi, Grilled Pork Banh Mi, Pork Vermicelli Bowl, and Crab Meat Fries. Their banh mi were my favorite – stuffed full of meat, cucumbers, pickled carots, jalapenos, cilantro, and a pate spread. They are also very large and only $6.50-$7.99 (depending on which filling you get!). Definitely some of the best I’ve had – we all know I am very passionate about my banh mi; theres a delicate balance of meat to veggies to bread ratio and this place gets it right. As far as the teas, we’ve tried their Coffee Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee, Signature Milk Tea, Salted Cheese Coffee, and Salted Cheese Black Tea. My top choices would be the Vietnamese Coffee, Salted Cheese Coffee, and Signature Milk Tea – all were refreshing and creamy! My least favorite, by far, was the Salted Cheese Black Tea. This was probably more of my ordering error than anything, but I assumed it would be similar to a classic milk tea with the salted cheese on top (this was how the coffee one was). Unfortunately, it was just iced black tea with the salted cheese on top – I even tried mixing it together but I think it only made it worse! Definitely take that one with a grain of salt, becuase every other single thing I have had from here has been delicious – it was just my misudnerstanding and ordering error! Grab a drink and sandwich and let me know what ya think.

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