TrueTea is the cutest, bright and light shop in Kent serving up some great bubble tea! The space is inviting and I can’t wait until it reopens for indoor seating because I could totally spend hours in there enjoying bubble team with friends. They have a ton of offerings from milk teas to fruit and blended and everything else in-between! They are serving up some unique flavors such as Creme Brûlée, Strawberry Cake, Kiwi Basil, and Rose Grapefruit to name a few!

I ordered the Classic Boba Milk Tea ($4.75) and the Creme Brûlée Milk Tea ($5.50). I was surprised by how chewy and fresh the boba were – probably the best I have had in a while. You can tell they take the time do make these right and clearly are fresh! Chewy boba is the best. The Classic Milk Tea was refreshing and not too overly sweet, which I really enjoyed! You could actually taste the tea coming through and not just sugar and milk. I was super excited for the Creme Brûlée – it is topped with a pudding which is then sprinkled with sugar and torched, just like a classic creme brûlée. It was unique and also delicious. It definitely had that hard sugar top that cracked when you broke it and left a smokiness throughout the drink from the torch. If you love creme brûlée this drink is one you’ve got to try! Check them out and let me know which tea is your favorite! I know I’m excited to go back and try their Chocolate Oreo and Strawberry Cake.

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