Miss Boba

Miss Boba is a brand new boba tea shop that just opened in Kent, WA. It is the latest tea place to grace our presence and I am SO glad it did. They opened pretty recently, and I have been 4 days in a row…it is THAT good! They offer a variety of drinks – milk teas, fresh milks, fruit teas, blended, brown sugar boba, cheese cream, and coffee! Their brown sugar boba is soooo incredible. The boba are some of the softest, chewiest I have ever had – it is why they have me coming back for more. My current obsession from them is their Brown Sugar Boba Creme Brulee – it is the perfect combination of sweet and creamy. They make their brown sugar boba in house, fresh every day, so you know it will be delicious. What I also love about this drink is the warm and cold combination. The boba are fresh and warm and then you stir them with the iced fresh milk to mix everything and for the first few sips you get a tasty warm hit of boba with a cold iced milk and the sweetness of the brown sugar – it is too incredible to properly describe – you should just go grab a cup and try it yourself. I am tried their Crema Coffee and the Oreo Puff Milk Tea. The coffee was rich and creamy with a nutty and caramel flavor with it – I recommend shaking it to mix the crema and coffee together to really experience the full flavors. The Oreo Puff Milk Tea was also really good, the milk tea itself was not my favorite – but I think it was overshadowed by the oreo puff cream – I mean how can you compete with oreos!? It still had a great flavor, but I would go for the Brown Sugar Series above all else because they do it really well – unlike a number of boba tea shops. If you are in Kent or nearby, make a stop here to grab a drink and sit a minute! Check out their full menu here.

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