TP Tea

TP Tea is a well-known, popular bubble tea chain that now has a location in Seattle! It is located in the International District. They have a rich, deep history and cultural connection to tea and work to preserve the authenticity surrounding it. Everything they make is prepared with the utmost care and they ensure they use the highest quality ingredients. I’ve drank (drunk?) – I’ve had a lot of bubble tea in my life and you can definitely tell the difference between a high quality tea and ingredients versus the ones loaded with fake sugar that come pre-made. Don’t get me wrong, pre-made in cans is super convenient, but let’s not pretend it tastes very good or is the same thing. I got the Classic Black Milk Tea – my go to always, especially for the first time at a new place to get a baseline for best comparison results. When I try a new spot, I try to get the same thing – Classic Black Milk, no boba. I don’t love too much sugar, so I usually will reduce mine to at least 50%, if not lower. Anyways, you didn’t come here for me to tell you about my bubble tea order. So how’d it taste? It was amazing! The tea came through with a subtle sweetness that wasn’t overpowering. A lot of places put too much milk and sugar in the mix that you can’t taste the star- THE TEA! Check this place out and check out their website to see if there is a location for you and for a history of their start and tea.

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