20 oz Tea

20 oz Tea is a bubble tea spot located in Eastlake featuring some very instagram worthy drinks. I stopped in a few weeks back to check them out. They’ve got fruit teas, milk teas, and coffee options. Their selection is pretty extensive and they offer a seasonal rotation as well. I grabbed their Sweet Cream Brown Sugar Milk Tea because it sounded delicious and it delivered! The Sweet Cream foam on top was incredible, light with a hint of sweetness. And of course the brown sugar milk tea was a hit – always one of my favorite flavors at shops. If you aren’t a huge fan of super sweet teas, I recommend reducing the sweetness level. If you want a fun, flavorful drink, check them out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They currently do not have a menu available online, but you can find their offerings on square here. For me this shop is definitely out of the way and a pretty far drive, so while it was tasty, it is not worth a drive up there for it on its own. If I am in the area, then yeah I’ll stop by, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop here. If you are all about the instagram photo, then this is the spot for you for sure – especially their Strawberry Matcha, Blue Strawberry Lemonade, Ube Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea seem to be the most instagram worthy based on pictures I have seen, but if those aren’t flavors you’re looking to drink then it might not be worth the drive!

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