What do you get when you combine donuts with mochi? DOCHI – mochi-donuts that are irresistible. Mochi donuts are not like your typical yeast raised donuts. They are light and chewy with a very different texture. Dochi is a popular Seattle bakery known for their mochi donuts and have some fun flavors! I also LOVE their boxes with “You Deserve This” because damn right I DO deserve this!

They have two locations – one in Tukwila located in Lams Seafood Market and the other in Seattle located in Uwajimaya. Don’t let the line deter you from waiting. They usually have a long line, but it moves really quickly because they are efficient! We only had to wait for about 5 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, which is definitely prime time. They offer 6 flavors at a time, so it really only makes sense to get a half dozen (at least) so you can try all the flavors because you shouldn’t have to choose between them. Like the box says: You Deserve This…so yes you absolutely do deserve a half dozen for yourself and you should not feel ashamed about it. I got a half dozen so I could try all their flavors – I previously made the mistake of only grabbing 1 or 2. Also when I say I got a half dozen, I 100% did not share with my husband. These were mine and were off limits. He was in line with me, if he wanted some he is more than capable of ordering for himself! I am only half kidding, I did allow him to try them, but only after I tasted them all and was satisfied haha! Anyways, the flavors: Strawberry Pocky, Cookies and Cream with Cookie Butter, Taro Pebbles, Ube Glaze, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Matcha Pistachio. My favorite is the cookies and cream, but honestly they are all delicious and hard to choose a landslide winner.

Gran a box for yourself and let me know which one your favorite is! And remember, sharing is optional!

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