TNT Taqueria

TNT TAQUERIA – located in Wallingford, is a little walk up window serving up tacos and more! They open at 8am so you can get your breakfast taco fill as well! I used to come here all the time for breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, and their churros. I had never actually tried their regular tacos and I must say. We ordered their taco platter which comes with 3 tacos. We got Ancho Beef, Carne Asada, and Al Pastor. I used to eat at TNT when I lived in the city and honestly I remember them being a lot better – perhaps I remember them so fondly because of their breakfast tacos that reminded me so much of where I grew up when I first moved out here. Either way, I was not impressed upon further analysis. I mean tacos are tacos, so I will still eat them, but there are better places. First thing is they topped these with way too much cilantro. The overall flavor though was a little bland – the Ancho Beef was by far the best, so if you grab tacos from here, I highly recommend that option! Adding salsa definitely helped the flavor and dryness of the meat. Their tortillas were actually pretty good! The platter was $10.25, which brings each taco to about $3.42. They do offer a large number of fillings for their tacos – al pastor, green chile braised chicken, ancho braised brisket, chorizo verde, carne asada, papas dulce + kale, and hominy hash. But maybe just stick to their breakfast tacos and burritos and their churros! I will give them the benefit of the doubt, as we did show up pretty early, so they may have just not gotten in the groove yet or maybe they were having a rough day. I would definitely go back and try a few other things, but order some of their breakfast items for back up!

Their website can be found here.

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