Tapas Castilla

Love Tapas, but can’t travel all the way to Spain? Don’t worry – Tapas Castilla in Bellevue has you covered! They are serving up delicious tapas dishes – both traditional and some of their own creations. The space is inviting and open perfect for a group to share dishes, but is still intimate for a date night. My love of tapas runs deep – I love the small dishes because it allows you to try several without having to commit to just one! It is also perfect for sharing and sharing is caring, right? I am not a HUGE fan of sharing – more because I want to eat it all myself, which is why tapas is perfect because I am always going to order at least 4 dishes, so I am more willing to share!

My favorite tapas dishes are croquettes, tomato on toast, and potatoes bravos. When I first tried the tomato toast I was FLOORED! It is so simple, but so delicious. It is basically crispy bread, that is still soft in the middle, rubbed with tomato and garlic mixture then drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. Tapas Castilla had theirs served slightly different, with the bread and tomato mixture being completely separate. Their tomatoes also resembled more of a soup, but the taste was still incredible!

What all did we order? Well as I mentioned above, the Pan y Tomaca ($5) and we also got Ham and Manchego Croquettes ($11), Patatas Bravas ($9), Dungeness Crab Stuffed Artichokes ($16), and Grilled Octopus ($15). Everything was simple perfection and so tasty, it really reminded me of the summer I went abroad and ate my way through Spain! The croquettes were warm and cheesy on the inside and wonderfully crispy on the outside. They were served with a delicious lemony, garlic aioli that I could have licked off the plate (I will neither confirm or deny if I did tho!). As I mentioned above, patatas bravas are one of the dishes I always order – somehow the sauces they use and the method of cooking turns an ordinary potato into something spectacular! These were served with a spicy sauce, but I also got the garlic aioli on the side – and I highly recommend you do the same, both of them together were delicious! The stuffed artichokes caught our eye because how can you say no to dungeness crab when you’re in the PNW?! Definitely don’t skip these – my husband and I fought over the last one because WOW! Check out their website for their delivery options as well and don’t forget to grab some delicious wine or sangria to enjoy with your meal!

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