Pasta & Co

Pasta and Co is a cute little deli serving up ready to go items. With 2 locations – Bellevue and U Village – its convenient to swing by and stoke up and all their goodies! I walked in initially thinking it was a pasta restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised it was more of a delicatessen.Continue reading “Pasta & Co”

Hello Robin

Hello Robin is a popular bakery in Seattle with two locations (Capital Hill and U Village) serving up some deliciously good cookies! You can get a single, a few, a 1/2 dozen, a dozen or even an ice cream cookie sandwich! Oh the options! We opted for a half dozen ($10.50) so we could tryContinue reading “Hello Robin”

La Parisienne

La Parisienne – oh how I love you so. My friend recently recommended this place when I mentioned I was looking for a great chocolate croissant in Seattle. Seattle has a lot of bakeries with a lot of delicious options, and while I have enjoyed almost every croissant I have eaten, I still had notContinue reading “La Parisienne”


I have eaten a lot of macarons in my lifetime, like a lot. They are one of my favorite cookies because they have a wonderful crispy crunch with a flavorful filling. They are usually light and not too sweet. I feel that I have eaten enough macarons from different bakeries and in different countries toContinue reading “Macadons”

The Flour Box

The Flour Box is a cute little bakery located in Hillamn City. They are a small batch, handmade shop. Getting donuts from this place is like winning the lottery! Due to covid, they have closed their doors and are currently open 4 days a week (Thursday-Sunday) for pre-orders only. Because they are a small shop,Continue reading “The Flour Box”

Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

Cake is always a good idea. But cake from Deep Sea Sugar is a GREAT idea! With a wide variety of unique flavors, you will definitely find what you are craving. Chocolate, vanilla, earl grey, caramel – seriously, they have it all! They sell their cakes by the slice, as well as whole cakes forContinue reading “Deep Sea Sugar and Salt”

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe is a chain from Taiwan. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, definitely check it out! They offer an assortment of breads, pastries, and cakes as well as a selection of coffee and tea. What I love about this place is the variety they offer. They have both sweet andContinue reading “85 Degrees Bakery Cafe”