Pasta & Co

Pasta and Co is a cute little deli serving up ready to go items. With 2 locations – Bellevue and U Village – its convenient to swing by and stoke up and all their goodies! I walked in initially thinking it was a pasta restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised it was more of a delicatessen. I love finding local delis to try their items! They offer a wider selection that range from fresh pastas to entrees to desserts to freezer friendly items. Seriously, they’ve got it all in one location. Great place to stock up for meals for the week or to grab a quick lunch or dinner if you’re short on time or motivation to cook – which is me on a daily basis.

We opted to grab some spreads, dips, fresh pasta, and sauce! We wanted to make a quick, easy dinner that was very Italian inspired! We grabbed a baguette, gruyere artichoke spread, marinated gigante beans, grilled marinated mushrooms, fresh egg linguine, and garlic tomato sauce. I don’t have the totals for each individual items – but total it was around $40. My personal opinion is this place is a little bit pricey, but their quality is definitely you pay for what you get here. And another factor is convenience. Could I go make fresh pasta at home cheaper? Absolutely, but it is time consuming and messy – so this is a great alternative when I want to splurge and treat myself!

We whipped up the fresh pasta with the garlic tomato sauce and I added some grilled shrimp to the dish. The pasta was perfectly chewy and the sauce had a great flavor. I personally thought the sauce was a little thin – I would have preferred a thicker sauce that stuck a little more to the noodles. As it cooled down, the sauce did begin to thicken up. My husband though didn’t have an issue with it. The flavor was still amazing, just a personal preference on sauce thickness. We both really enjoyed the marinated mushrooms as well and they made a great appetizer! The artichoke spread was also creamy and salty and perfect piled high on the toasted baguette! My personal favorite was the beans – they are slightly acidic from what I imagine is a vinegar marinade. So you have a creamy bean with a sharp vinegar flavor. I am definitely not doing them justice by describing these beans, but trust me they were tasty!

If you’re looking for some quick, easy, high quality food to go this is the perfect place! The offer so many options you will definitely find something for everyone on your list. Are they a little more expensive than I prefer? Yes, but that’s Seattle for you! Their food though is definitely worth it. I will definitely go back and grab some more of those beans and try some of their other dishes!

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