Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

Cake is always a good idea. But cake from Deep Sea Sugar is a GREAT idea! With a wide variety of unique flavors, you will definitely find what you are craving. Chocolate, vanilla, earl grey, caramel – seriously, they have it all! They sell their cakes by the slice, as well as whole cakes for pre-order, so it’s easy to try multiple flavors. Each time we go, I’m always torn between a number of flavors and usually end up just buying them all. The flavors do change regularly based on the season – so make sure you check their website or instagram page to see what is available before you make a trip for a specific slice! You can also pre-order slices, to ensure that perfect piece is waiting for you when arrive, because their line can get pretty long and the last thing you want is to finally get to the front, only to be told your fav is now sold out!

My personal favorite is the Chocolate Salted Caramel. Rich layers of moist, chocolate cake separated by cream cheese frosting and salted caramel. The perfect combination of sweet and salty. A close second is the 9Lb Porter Chocolate – this is a chocolate lovers dream with chocolate cake and a rich, velvety chocolate ganache.

If you’re looking for something not so chocolatey, their Vanilla Bean Custard is incredible! You can really taste the vanilla bean flavor and the cake stays perfectly moist with the layers of custard. The London Fog is also a crowd please. This tastes just like you’re morning cup of Earl Gray, but has the deliciousness of being a cake! The earl grey syrup and bergamot mascarpone cream, delicately balances the sweetness of the cream cheese frosting.

You really can’t go wrong no matter what slice you try! Best eaten with a group of friends or family so you can share the inevitable 5 slices you bought!

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